Your Journey starts with a decision...

Will you live with the Kings and Queens in the palace swearing to keep watch over your people in the land? Or will you make camp with the Bedouins, keeping watch over the night fire and cleverly reading the starlit sky.


Royal Palace Suites

Wood paneling and original artwork creates an aura of old world charm in the royal dwellings. Artistically painted walls and ceilings, hand knotted rugs and rich furnishings complemented by spectacular views make the rooms a very special retreat. These aesthetically restored suites offer you a fairy tale experience to cherish beyond times.


Bedouin Tent Village

Fully furnished luxury tents set up in the bedouin village camp just beyond the Palace's towering gate. Each tent is suited for two or three guests, with private en-suite bathrooms. Join the Bedouins around the campfire while sipping on cocktails or lay around with your fellow desert dwellers in one of the village dens over the world's finest brewed teas.